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Cosmetic Tray Rotating Degree – Transparent


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  • The rotating cosmetic tray provides convenience and quickness for you to choose, look at it you know immediately what you need without taking too much time rummaging things up like before.
  • Shelf with a base can rotate 360 ​​degrees.The cosmetic tray body part rotating is divided into 2-3 layers to accommodate more convenient cosmetics
  • With a unique design and beautiful design, is a delicate and beautiful ornament in the corner of your makeup, everything will become neat, refined and eye-catching if there is a tray of 360-degree cosmetic container
  • Cosmetic shelf rotating 360 degrees is the perfect alternative to the role of makeup box, lipstick tray, palm plug and even jewelry box, to help you synthesize all beauty accessories in one place and meet creative beauty.


Out of stock

  • The hottest 360-degree rotating makeup tray is now favored by women, with beautiful and luxurious designs.
  • High cylindrical design with 3 floors, convenient 360 degree rotation. Super space-saving makeup.
  • Each floor has a different high and low distance so that you can easily make suitable makeup and cosmetics.
  • The top floor is divided into different large and small squares so that you can store lipstick or makeup brushes very conveniently.
  • Made from high quality mica plastic material, thick, transparent, heavy-handed, anti-yellowing during use
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